The Concept Camping-car Park

CAMPING-CAR PARK, THE stopover network in France, open all year round.


As a motorhome owner I travel with just one pass to access all sites, 24 hours a day:

I will benefit from interesting prices with 10 % to 30 % discount on the rates, including services.

(* 5 hours = 5 €. 1 additional hour = 1 €. Limited to a maximum rate per 24 h of 8,40 € to 12 €, according to the period and destination.)

I can travel from one site to another, safely with free access, 24 hours a day.

I have a personal pass that is valid for life!

I respect the environment on the CAMPING-CAR PARK sites:

I empty my motorhome only in service terminals, I recycle and sort out my waste.


I am a responsible consumer!

I participate with the maintenance and development of new sites.

I help improving the quality of the stopover sites by giving my opinion through the satisfaction surveys.

I can reserve my place on the areas CAMPING-CAR PARK.

CAMPING-CAR PARK always near you:

Mobile application, BLOG, Newsletter, Facebook, a web site for each stopover site:

Information on the site, Pictures, Availability, Markets, Events, Useful Addresses, Calendar, Trips...

The concept: to make France's best sites accessible to motorhome owners.